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Thrive Ally

Support Leaders during their journey to self-empowerment.

Based on a social capital model, Thrive of the Heartland matches people living in poverty with middle- and upper-income individuals to work together over nine months to set goals around personal poverty reduction.  Over this long-term voluntary commitment, the matched teams share experiences, resources, and build an understanding of the real effects that poverty and resilience have on the lives of local citizens and their families.

Allies are:

  • Ready to make a 10-month commitment;

  • Able to attend a four-week training course, which is completed four Thursday evenings in a row;

  • Have the first Thursday of each month available to focus on Leaders' progress toward goals;

  • Available to meet with her/his paired Leader once per month outside of Thrive programming; and

  • Open to forming new friendships that are based on sharing and learning.

Through this commitment, Allies will:

  • Identify the causes of poverty;

  • Develop intentional relationships;

  • Increase support;

  • Decrease isolation

  • Expand social capital;

  • Be a part of the solution; and

  • Help to change lives!

Ally Challenge: The toughest challenge a Thrive Ally faces is the instinct to "rescue" the Thrive Leader. The Thrive Leader cannot learn to cope with the hurdles that block the pathway if a well-meaning Ally tries to fix the problems.  The Ally's role is to walk beside the Thrive Leader, helping to link her/him to resources and support necessary for success.  Allies are encouraged to NOT give financial support to Thrive Leaders.